Senergia is a partner for installers in solar energy, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage. We offer products for safe and fast delivery from leading manufacturers. Senergia also provides industry-leading skills development through training and certifications. Senergia is a reliable partner, from order and technical support to secure and fast delivery.

Technical support

We take pride in offering an unparalleled level of expertise and dedication when it comes to helping our customers answer questions, provide guidance, and solve technical challenges.


We provide technical business support, customer support, and technical assistance. As our customer, you can easily submit inquiries and receive assistance with tasks such as project planning and product-related questions.


Quality in relation to price is an important criterion. In addition to supply security requirements, we strive to find manufacturers well-established in their CSR work, as indicated by the solar card and products on the Tier 1 list. Our extensive range of solar and electric vehicle charging products, including accessories like inverters, mounting materials, and batteries, allows you to find precisely what you need for every project.

Training programs

Senergia conducts highly valued training in solar energy, energy storage, and charging infrastructure. We have developed handbooks and offer comprehensive training packages, individual courses, certification courses, and product training with our suppliers. Senergia also has a digital training platform with a very extensive course library.